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Build Time Notes Changes ajax Linux 18.04 ajax skey_krb Linux 18.04 fbsd103 FreeBSD 10.3 fbsd103 PAM FreeBSD 10.3 fbsd111 FreeBSD 11.1 fbsd111 PAM FreeBSD 11.1 fbsd73 PAM FreeBSD 7.3 gate Linux 28 gate PAM -Werror Linux 28 gate PAM Linux 28 gate clang Linux 28 gate libressl-2.1.8 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.2.4 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.2.8 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.3.1 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.3.5 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.4.0 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.5.5 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.6.1 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.6.4 Linux 28 gate musl Linux 28 gate openssl-1.0.2e Linux 28 gate openssl-1.0.2k Linux 28 gate valgrind Linux 28 gate without-openssl Linux 28 openwrt mips Linux 4.4.92 osx-elcapitan Darwin 15.6.0 osx-elcapitan PAM Darwin 15.6.0 osx-highsierra Darwin 17.7.0 osx-highsierra PAM Darwin 17.7.0 osx-lion Darwin 11.4.2 osx-lion PAM Darwin 11.4.2 sol10 x86 SunOS 5.10 sol10 x86 pam SunOS 5.10 sol11 x86 SunOS 5.11 sol11 x86 pam SunOS 5.11 sol11 x86_64 SunOS 5.11 sol11 x86_64 pam SunOS 5.11
09/24 21:09                                                             l L C l L C                

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Syncing: OpenBSD sync, no portable changes
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l = Brief Build Log
L = Full Build Log
C = Builds new Contents
B = Get Binaries
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