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Build Time Notes Changes ajax Linux 16.04 ajax skey_krb Linux 16.04 dfly40 DragonFly 4.0 fbsd103 FreeBSD 10.3 fbsd103 PAM FreeBSD 10.3 fbsd111 FreeBSD 11.1 fbsd111 PAM FreeBSD 11.1 fbsd64 FreeBSD 6.4 fbsd64 PAM FreeBSD 6.4 fbsd73 FreeBSD 7.3 fbsd73 PAM FreeBSD 7.3 fbsd90 FreeBSD 9.0 fbsd90 PAM FreeBSD 9.0 gate Linux 28 gate PAM -Werror Linux 28 gate PAM Linux 28 gate clang Linux 28 gate libressl-2.1.8 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.2.4 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.2.8 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.3.1 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.3.5 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.4.0 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.5.5 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.6.1 Linux 28 gate libressl-2.6.4 Linux 28 gate musl Linux 28 gate openssl-1.0.2e Linux 28 gate openssl-1.0.2k Linux 28 gate valgrind Linux 28 gate without-openssl Linux 28 openwrt mips Linux 4.4.92 osx-elcapitan Darwin 15.6.0 osx-elcapitan PAM Darwin 15.6.0 osx-highsierra Darwin 17.5.0 osx-lion Darwin 11.4.2 osx-lion PAM Darwin 11.4.2 sol10 x86 SunOS 5.10 sol10 x86 pam SunOS 5.10
06/18 15:19         l L C                                                                        

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